Insurance and Fees

Amy Allen Meyer and Associates does not belong to a managed care provider network because they are restrictive and incompatible with most people’s therapeutic needs. However, we will provide you with a detailed receipt that you may use to file for reimbursement with your insurance company.



Fees vary according to therapist and must be paid at the time of service. Please inquire about the fees when scheduling your appointment. For your convenience, you can pay by check, cash, or credit card (MasterCard and Visa only).


Check with your insurance company

If you plan on filing a claim with your insurance company, please check with them before scheduling an appointment. While most insurance companies will reimburse you when you have out-of-network mental health benefits, some may not. It is best to understand your policy before we meet.



To schedule an appointment with Amy Allen Meyer and Associates, visit our Appointments page. It provides detailed instructions regarding forms and legal documents.